Who Are We

We are a group of web novel readers that got tired of everybody’s weekly release schedule. Nobody reads that slow. At least give us a chapter every few days, what are you afraid you’ll run out?

What we do

We collect original novels we like and translate foreign ones in order to give them more exposure.

We focus on delivering fast and general translations for web novels we like you would read from a novel translated to English. 

We prioritize release speed over translation accuracy striving for one chapter per day or a minimum of one chapter every 3 days.

If any translation group wants to improve on our translations, we welcome it and will link to you. Our main goal is just to be able to read at the speed we like.

Why Web Novels?

Web novels are available to read freely online in native Japanese and intended that way by the author. Our goal is to increase the level of interest in web novels we enjoy so they can get better publishing deals.
We do not translate light novels. Light novels have publishing agreements between the publisher and the author and we do not wish to take money away from them or infringe upon their copyrights at any point beyond fair use.