Original Novel


Kensei no Deshi

Sword Saint’s Disciple

In a different world where she was reincarnated with her memories intact, her gender was changed from male to female.

In the midst of her misfortune, her parents were attacked by a demon and died, but she was saved by an old man and raised by him.

The man was once a knight who was called the “Sword Saint” in the kingdom.

As the months pass, the old man retreats deep into the mountains of the countryside, but for some reason he receives a summons from the kingdom.

I’m going to the royal capital as a substitute for the old man who has a back injury.

It’s a great way to repay the debt of gratitude for raising you.

Volume 1: Departure

  • Letter from King’s Landing
  • Reason for entrusting
  • Supreme treasure sword
  • Guideline
  • Encounter
  • The mayor’s family
  • Setting off
  • Interlude: The Night Before Reincarnation -The Little Flame

Volume 2: The Town of Raza

  • Founding History and First Destinations
  • The Town of Raza and the Soldiers’ Guild
  • Ranks and Requests
  • Advice from an old soldier
  • Lordship of Raza
  • What turns a moment into an eternity
  • Accompanying
  • Attack from the sky
  • Forlorn life
  • To the next destination
  • Interlude: Fina Raza

Volume 3: The Mining City of Kise

  • To the mining town
  • Mining City Kise
  • Blacksmith Van
  • Sword Dance
  • Dark tunnel
  • The balance of life
  • Waking
  • Near and far
  • Details
  • Act 1: The Old Blacksmith and the Young Swordsman

Volume 4: Tobar, the City of Warriors

Volume 5: Silas, the Magic City

Volume 6: The Royal Capital Garcia

Volume 7: The Fighting Society

Volume 8: The Land of the Beastmen

Volume 9: The Land of the Jumanji Revisited

Volume 10: The Battle of Alito Fort

Volume 11: The Four Congresses

Volume 12: Open Battle