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When the “Bell of Dawn” party visited the guard station, the office was already in the midst of chaos.


“Hey, mister. I thought you migh miss my face by now, so I came here.”

“Oh, Eladio! “Thanks for coming!!”


When the warrior fighter Eladio called out, Guard Captain Manfred greeted the four adventurers with a thankful five-pointed grateful gesture.


“Bell of Dawn” is a party of 5th grade Adept adventurers based in Terralare, the royal capital of Ciel-Terra. Composed of the warrior fighter Eladio as the leader, a bandit Thief, a priest, and a magician wizard. A combination so typical, it’s actually an unusual composition. In the first place, it was ideal to have both a priest priest and a magician wizard, but finding adventurers who can use magic at a level is a rare feat, so it was difficult to realize it.


“The Bell of Dawn” has a high reputation as adventurers who are not only reliable but also honest and trustworthy.

Sometimes they were asked to cooperate with criminal investigations from the guard, and there were times when they killed thugs that the guards would not be able to stand up to.


“I heard that there were undead

“Yes, that’s right. It seems that the girl who was executed has become undead.”

“Undead can mean a number of things. What came out? I even heard a stupid rumor about a Dullahan.


Pierre said with a disgusted look on his face.

Pierre, the bandit thief is the youngest, just over 20 years old. He is a man who has an attitude he can’t keep in check even around his superiors and elders, but his skills are certain, and he listens to what Eladio says.


“I don’t know. The information is still confusing…”

“That’s boring”


Manfred makes a sorry look at Pierre who sighs, but he probably wants to sigh too.


“There must have been a knight at the scene. Couldn’t they defeat one undead?

“It should be the case, but… there is no sign that they escaped unharmed.”

“You’re also a knight after all. There are no undead with the strength to scare them away…”


With his arms crossed, Eladio thinks.


“Old man, what do you think?”



An old man with a white beard holding a long cane and wearing a mountain cap nodded his head.

A magician wizard whose real name is unknown. Self-proclaimed or commonly known as Old Man (Jiji). Even Eladio didn’t know his name. He gives the impression of being a good-natured old man, but he is somewhat unpredictable. However, for Eladio, he has known this man for 10 years, and he was an important companion.


“It’s hard to think that such a powerful undead spontaneously came out of an executed corpse… But it’s possible if some kind of curse was charged beforehand. It’s the fault of the knights who executed him without paying attention.”


It was unusual for Jiji to make a harsh statement that seemed a little condescending.


“I got it. In other words, it’s not too surprising if there is one.”

“Hmm, but a Dullahan is equivalent to a 5th grade Adept at best, and we can go handle it.”

“Well… If we go then let’s act thinking that a Dullahan is out there okay?”


“That’s right.”


The last person who responded was Vyssa, the monk Priest. He is a priest who serves the god of the hearth and kitchen.

He only wears a robe, but if anything, he is a man with a physique like a warrior fighter, and his tin cane-like mace has the property of being a bludgeoning weapon. He’s particularly effective against the undead, and with Vyssa’s power, he can destroy about two dozen skeletons without magic.


“A pitiful person who died and still does not rest in the bosom of God. We must destroy it as soon as possible so that they do not suffer anymore.”


Vyssa said so with a serious appearance.

The undead are often thought of as objects to be hated and destroyed (also by the clergy), but they were pitiful for those who were reasonable like Vyssa.


“Whatever the problem is, there’s a panic going on. People running for their lives trip and fall, and there are casualties even if the monsters do nothing.”


Manfred looked vulnerable.

No matter how much the guards try to stop it, they will not be able to communicate with the panicked crowd. Even though demons alone are a threat, it would be unbearable for people to die because of people.


“Hmm. It’s impossible to cast it on everyone in the city, but if you run into it, let’s cast “Calm” appropriately.”

“We’re counting on you, Jiji.”


When Eladio said that, a guard rushed into the office.


“I got the location sir! West Avenue!”

“Alright! Lead the elite and go on a sortie. Eladio, I’m sorry but I’ll have to pay after…”

“Don’t worry about it. Instead, if it’s Dullahan, reward me properly!”

“Of course.”


Manfred left in a hurry to call for his men.


“… Execution, huh. What do you think of this today”


After seeing Manfred off once, Jiji spills a little bit.

He spoke to no one in particular.


“It’s barbaric. I’m wondering if it was necessary to get this far.”


Vyssa was flatly condemned. From his point of view, a believer in the goodness and justice of people, it  was an event that should not have occurred.


“You think so? I wonder if it’s outrageous or not. Everybody had their stance on the federation and the pro-federation king. Isn’t it a natural reward for that princess and daughter to encounter this kind of suffering?”


Vyssa and Eladio are drifters, and Jiji is unknown, but Pierre was born in this country.

Pierre smiled sarcastically, with his hands folded behind his head.


“The two were not soldiers!”

“It’s the same. So what happens to people who have been trapped by the Federation and have suffered misery. How many people are dead? In the meantime, those who were living warmly with the money of the country…”

“You mouth off like you know…”

“Stop, Jiji. Pierre that’s enough too.”


Eladio admonished Jiji. Today Jiji is somehow more emotional than ever.


“I’m a bit worried about how we can continue to work first, rather than what happened today. For example, it would be a problem if Manfred was decapitated by saying, “He’s a government official from the former king’s era,” in that vein.”

“That’s true, but that’s not likely to happen”


Eladio was cautious and avoided giving his opinion on the execution.

When opinions were divided among the members, Eladio believed that it was not desirable for the leader to take sides.


Just then Manfred came back and Eladio was relieved.


“I kept you waiting. I’m counting on you.”



They exchanged voices briefly, and the two hit their fists together.




The elite of the guard corps and “Bell of Dawn” ran through the city where screams flew.


“There it is!”


The guards ahead shouted.


A lot of people were collapsed at the intersection ahead. Some are cut up, and some are charred.

A girl stood in the center of it.

No, is it okay to call it a girl?


Beautiful silver hair, silver eyes. Skin like the petals of a white rose, a specialty of Ciel-Terra.

A ragged cloth was wrapped around the body like a cloak, and a rose emblem that seems to have been drawn with human blood was engraved on it.

She held her neck with her left hand and a bright red sword that looked like condensed blood in her right hand.


“Hey, is it seriously Dullahan?!”



Pierre swore and Jiji sounded impressed.


“≪Sanctified Consecration≫!”


Vyssa cast sacred magic. When light radiated from the tin cane, everyone’s equipment glowed with a faint light.


“Okay, you guys! we’re good to go!

Your swords, blessed by God will defeat any undead. Your shields and armor keep their attacks at bay! Don’t not fear! It’s dangerous if you show your back! Worst case, hold out until the Knights are dispatched!”



When Eladio inspired his men, the surrounding guards responded.

They have already drawn out their swords and were swinging at the undead girl.


“Come on!”


Manfred took the lead.

He only serves as the captain of the King’s Guard, and posesses skill that would have been about the 5th grade Adept if he were an adventurer. He usually does a lot of desk work and steady criminal investigations, but if it gets rough, he is second to none even amongst skilled adventurers.






Eladio couldn’t believe what he was seeing.


The moment the girl swung the crimson blade she was dancing.

Like a bunch of straw used for sword practice, Manfred was slashed in a cleanly.

Manfred’s sword, shield, armor, and body were all sliced without any resistance.


A few more people are torn apart, and the surviving guards took their distance.


“Vyssa! Is “Sanctified Consecration” really on!?”

“It’s on! But… why!?


Vyssa screams back in a puzzled manner.


“Sanctified Consecration” is a sacred magic that gives protection to the object or person.

As Eladio said, blessed weapons are highly effective against the undead.

It was supposed to nullify undead attacks, and make the blades easily pass even to a tough opponent.


Of course, opponent’s level is too high, they will be pierced with more attack power than they have defense…


――But, wait! They’re not rural vigilantes, They’re equipped properly even without “Sanctified Consecration”! What kind of weapon could pierce it!?


 “Holy Light Arrow!”


Vyssa has unleashed a sacred spell.

Arrows of light are created from the tin cane, and flood into the undead girl while splitting into several branches.

It’s a good spell to use. It’s effective for monsters, and even more effective for the undead.

However, when the girl glanced at it… she received it completely defenseless.


I was able to burst the light.

Holes were made in the ragged cloth, and it became even more tattered.

Beneath it, the girl’s skin, like petals, was burnt.

However, it regenerated as if time had wound back.



“This much damage and there’s no problem huh…”


The girl stroked her body to confirm something.

It’s not uncommon for the undead to have regenerative abilities. But to remain calm after being hit directly by sacred magic. That would mean there was not enough damage.


――Oh my God…! What level is this undead?!


The girl points her sword against Eladio, who is appalled, and chants something.


“≪Wailing Whip Pain Whip≫”


Dark lightning shot out from the girl’s arms.


Oh, his thoughts caught up, a dark thunderbolt struck Vyssa directly.

Pierre dodged the magic bullet that flew toward him, but the dark lightning made a sudden turn in the air and punctures his back.

Eladio, who was slow due to heavy armor, and Jiji, who had fallen backward, were safe outside the range.


“Oh, ah ah ah ah ah ah!!”



After writhing their whole bodies in agony, the two collapsed.

They passed out with expressions of agony and their eyes peeled back to reveal the whites of their eyes.


There were several simultaneous screams.

The lightning that diverged in the air also struck the guards and killed them.


“Hmm, I can still kill with this. Is there a way to fight while saving energy with low-grade magic?”


The voice of the girl carelessly evaluating her actions was frightening to Eladio.


“Wailing Whip Pain Whip”

Eladio knows that magic. It is a magic that inflicts severe pain by the power of a curse. That suffering is enough to make even Eladio cry, and it’s a top rank magic he donesn’t want to experience again.

However, the main focus is to restrict the targets through pain. How much magic does she have that she’s inflicting enough pain to die from shock in an instant?


Damn it…! Pierre! Vyssa…!


This Dullahan has such a high magic power and manipulates it with ease.

Eladio has never heard of such a thing.


“Jiji, do you have any idea what Dullahan uses magic? A higher species perhaps?”


Eladio asked while holding his sword not taking his eyes off the girl who approaches step by step.

There’s no answer.


“… Jiji?”

“You’re the spitting image of your mother. You’ve become so beautiful. I can’t help but feel sorry for you.”


Jiji took a cane and stepped forward. The girl’s steps didn’t stop.


“… Renée. Please rest peacefully! “Cleansing Fire”!


Jiji’s cane blew flames.

“Cleansing Fire” It is a high-level fire elemental magic that exerts a high effect on unclean things such as the undead, and can even damage spirits.

A gigantic flame that seems to have been cast with as much magic as he could put into it, fills his field of vision, and furiously advances against the girl’s undead.




“Ice Storm Blizzard”




The flames were easily devoured and blown away by a storm of freezing ice gravel.

The magic of the ice, which was sprayed with momentum, tore his five bodies apart and turned him into minced meat pickled in ice.


“I see, magic with opposite attributes can offset each other and kill while defending…

Oh, but are wind and earth also opposite attributes? It seems that there’s a lot of physical-like magic in the earth element, so it’s a bit tough to offset with wind.

There is also the magic of sandstorms, but that theory…”


Mumbling and talking to herself, the girl was analyzing her fight.

It’s an attitude that is too leisurely on the battlefield, but this is just a comfort from being strong.


“Okay. “This guy has a little nice equipment, but can you cut properly?”



The girl saw Eladio, who was finally alone.

With her neck in one hand and a bloody sword in the other, she was coming his way.

Eladio was shaking like the first time he met a goblin when he first became an adventurer.


“It’s dangerous if you show your back… It’s dangerous if you show your back…”


Eladio was repeating his own words like a spell.

A flash of scarlet


“Back… let’s… inside…”

“Okay, perfect”


Bubbles of blood spilled out of Eladio’s mouth. In a fraction of a second, the girl stepped into a position that was close to Eladio and pierced him deeply with her sword.

The girl pierced the orichalcum armor and skewered Eladio’s belly, swung the red sword upward without any resistance, slicing Eladio in half.

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